My name is Justin Hromada. I am originally from Sedona, Arizona where I began my career as a therapist.   My professional interests are oriented to the mind-body connection and its therapeutic aspects, the studying of classical osteopathy, trauma and emotional release work, and empowered embodiment practices. I view my work as a responsibility to be fully present and aware with my clients so the therapeutic benefit of every session can be maximized in a rejuvenating way. My approach to manual therapy/hands on healing work, is a blending of multiple styles of bodywork traditions.  I have crafted a bodywork experience that is equal parts relaxing, restorative and therapeutic.  My longtime client base consists of people from all walks of life.  I work with both professional and recreational athletes, yoga and body therapists, business and healthcare professionals, musicians and dancers, and individuals recovering from injury, accident, or surgical interventions. My work is customizable and therefore suited to anyone.  I look forward to connecting with you.