Every little cell in my body is happy

Every little cell in my body is well

Im so glad 

Every little cell

is happy and well

Please read the information on this page

it is lengthy, yet comprehensive to the point of providing resources for FAQs, policy updates, indemnity understandings, and personal perspectives. It is this page which provides required information as well as reminds you to seek clarification about anything related to your session

Required Notification

Please be advised that services can not be legally performed on individuals showing any sign of illness such as fever, cough, runny nose, congestion, or difficulty breathing. 



Although some of these symptoms can also be attributed to allergies or other seasonal/mild conditions, it is impossible to distinguish from a speculative standpoint what is a valid symptom of Covid-19 and what is not.  As per the directives of state government as well as the licensing bodies associated with massage therapy, it is prohibited for me to work on anyone showing any sign of sickness, no matter how mild, explainable, or negligible. It is advised that all clients take their own temperature before arriving for their appointment. For purposes of observing universal precautions and minimizing communicable risk, this is not something that will be or should be done at this office, you should take your temperature at home. For reasons previously stated and out of respect for the necessary inconveniences of staying home if you’re feeling or presenting in such ways that may be construed as ill, please do not enter this office. 


For clarification about prohibitive conditions please see below:



Do you currently or have you had in the last 48 HRS a temperature of 100.4 F or greater? 


Do you have a cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, runny nose or loss of taste or smell?


Have you had contact with a person known to be infected with COVID-19 within the past 14 days?



Posting/Implementing these guidelines is a requirement for reopening. 

Doing so is necessary for me to maintain my legal right to practice. 

Disregarding any of the above listed measures places me at risk of being shut down, not to mention creating a potentiality for communicable illness to be spread. 

These mandates are not of my choosing. 

These measures are of government origin and therefor separate from any belief, feelings, opinions, or conflicting information


Thank you for your understanding and support

The information below is understood to be

an indemnity agreement between therapist/practitioner and you the client.

By booking a session, whether on line, via phone, messaging, gift certificate, or any other means resulting in the scheduling of bodywork to be performed on your person, you agree with and agree to the conditions described below.  If you need clarification regarding anything written below or regarding your session time or policies associated with the Covid19 response, please communicate that to resolution prior to your appointment.  If you are in disagreement with anything written below, please refrain from patronage.

Thank you 

I understand and agree that receiving massage therapy, bodywork, close proximity  somatic healing, professional touch, manual therapy, or any other skin to skin, body to body contact or physical intervention, makes maintaining recommended social distancing (6ft minimum) impossible. 


I understand and agree that i, the client/recipient/receiver, have been informed that the policy of wearing a mask for the entirety of my appointment time, included but not limited to hands on treatment time, is a mandate by the Governor of North Carolina. I understand that choices regarding my body are mine alone to make and it is my right to discuss my concerns and options with my therapist.

I understand and agree that the Governor of North Carolina has mandated that my therapist wear a mask for the entirety of my appointment time. I understand it is my right to discuss these conditions with my therapist.

I understand and agree that Buncombe County has issued mandates stating masks are not required in settings where they are not practical or feasible to wear while obtaining or rendering goods or services


I understand and agree that receiving massage therapy, bodywork, close proximity somatic healing, professional touch, manual therapy or any other skin to skin, body to body contact or physical intervention poses at all times an inherent risk of contracting illness. I assume all risk to my person as my own. I understand that any adverse condition, including illness that may manifest post treatment is not the responsibility of my therapist/practitioner. I understand that my therapist is not responsible for the state of my health and is not responsible for any illness or malady I may experience of any kind whatsoever.


I understand and agree that I am choosing to receive touch for my own reasons, and in so doing I am aware that my patronage and anything connected to it, including conversations, are private and are protected under the guidelines of client confidentiality. I understand that my therapist will always act as an advocate for these protections and can only discuss my patronage with outside individuals or entities with my informed consent.

I understand and agree that in choosing to receive  massage therapy, bodywork, close proximity somatic healing, therapeutic touch, manual therapy or any other skin to skin, body to body contact or physical intervention is a choice i've made of my own volition and I fully understand that my session is considered to be a private agreement between two individuals which is separate from any other mandate or regulation. Opportunities for me to clarify the terms of said agreement are afforded to me at all times prior to my session and it has been made clear to me that either I or my therapist reserve the right to end the session at any point and for any reason without negating the agreement of indemnity itself. 

I understand and agree that my therapist/practitioner is not a doctor, not considered a healthcare provider, and is not a source of officially endorsed information regarding immunology, virology, disease, nutrition, or any other concern oriented to healthcare industry understandings, official positions of healthcare governing bodies (ie CDC, WHO), or aligned with the positions of healthcare providers or government officials.  Any conversation I have with my therapist about these things is understood to be speculative and for the purposes of a social exchange regarding a variety of perspectives. These conversations are never to be construed as coming from an informed authority, or as a diagnosis, prescription, or medical advice of any kind. I understand that anything I choose to do with, put on, or put in my body, digest, inhale, or make use of is solely my decision and not the responsibility of my therapist/practitioner.


I understand and agree that I will not hold my therapist/practitioner liable for any sickness, malady, or adverse condition pertaining to my mind, body, or spirit

I understand and agree that by booking a session with my therapist/practitioner i am accepting the terms of this indemnity agreement