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Hi! I'm Justin. I am originally from the Sedona, Arizona area where I began offering bodywork as a mobile service and from a home office. I quickly expanded into collaborations with world renowned healing and retreat centers, rural vortex destinations, vineyards, creekside get aways, & five star resorts, serving also as resident massage therapist for internationally recognized healing seminars in the area and as a pre and post event therapist for local athletic events. This background combined with thousands of hours of education, teaching, and practice have resulted in Soulfire Somatics, a unique bodywork method that combines multiple healing traditions with applied knowledge and intuition for an attuned full body wellness experience. 
   Now living and working in the Asheville area since 2016, I offer my services as a private wellness practitioner. My professional interests are oriented to the study of the mind body connection, the principals of classical osteopathy and other frameworks that seek to understand the nature of vitalism, body memory recall, the dynamics of the human energy field, and the conditions allowing the body's ability to self correct and self heal. I have a background in human development, transpersonal somatic inquiry, plant medicine work, emotional and cathartic release work, deep tissue and sports massage, myoskeletal alignment, myofascial release, and structural integration. I view my work as a responsibility to be fully present and aware with my clients so the benefit of every session can be maximized.  My comprehensive training and years of working with thousands of people have developed my practice into an effective form of release, rebalancing, and rejuvenation work for both Soma and Psyche. My longtime client base consists of people from all walks of life. My work is customizable and therefore suited to anyone. I look forward to connecting with you.

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