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Out of town 9/15-23rd
Unavailable for booking or correspondence during that time

I will be out of state and deep in the wilds September 15th-23rd, during that time I will be unable to respond to inquiries or conduct correspondence. Normal business will resume on September 26th. You can book online anytime, please feel free to message me if needed and I will do my best to reply once I have returned.  

Office Relocated as of May 4th 2022!

As of May 4th Soulfire Somatics will no longer be conducting business on Chestnut Street. I have relocated to a private office within suite 202 at:         




The new space is next door to One Love Chiropractic.

Also within suite 202, Dov Shoneman will be offering acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine from his private offices. The vision is to create a calming and peaceful healing atmosphere and it is well on its way!  We are all looking forward to offering collaborative healing when aligned for patients and clients. Soulfire Somatics will remain autonomous and private, prioritizing health freedom, client privacy, and great bodywork as always. Soulfire Somatics, One Love Chiropractic, and Dov Shoneman Acupuncture offering services in parallel has us all excited and looking forward to creating such a powerful healing and wellness destination for Asheville and the surrounding communities.

Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns. Thank You!    

Rate changes and Package Pricing  

Package Pricing for 3 sessions or 10 session prepaid packages are once more available!  This is a feature that has been helpful with accessing services on a more regular basis via discounted rates and by also creating a sense of accountability to stay the course with pre paid self care commitments. The pricing structure for packages as well as for single services have increased from what they were in the past.  This is my first price increase in 8 years. Please be aware that all single sessions scheduled to commence on or after May 1st will be subject to the pricing increase regardless of when the session was booked. 

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