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​Please be advised that services will not be performed on individuals showing any sign of illness such as fever, cough, runny nose, congestion, or difficulty breathing. 

     it is policy that I will not  provide services for anyone showing any sign of cold or flu like symptoms or similar communicable illness, no matter how mild, explainable, or negligible. It is advised that all clients take their own temperature before arriving for their appointment. For reasons stated and out of respect for the necessary inconveniences of staying home if you’re feeling or presenting in such ways that may be construed as ill, please do not enter this office. 

For clarification about prohibitive conditions please see below:

Do you currently or have you had in the last 48 HRS a temperature of 100.4 F or greater? 

Do you have a cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, runny nose or loss of taste or smell?

Have you had direct contact or proximal interaction with a person known to be infected with a respiratory, sinus, vascular or other illness  within the past week?

Disregarding any of the above listed measures places me at risk, and creates a potentiality for communicable illness to be spread. 

Thank you for your understanding and support

please read the information on this page, it provides required information, updates, and understandings related to covid, policy, and services as well as reminds and invites you to seek clarification about anything related to your session.

Things to know

As a preventative measure aimed at limiting unnecessary exposure to communicable illness, as well as choosing not to contribute to the increase of single use trash, it is advised that you bring your own water/hydrating beverage. However, drinking water and disposable cups are provided in the office for your convenience. 

Cleanliness is an aspect of good health and wellbeing, please arrive to your appointment clean. Should it be 
necessary, there is a private restroom with wet wipes and towels available to tend to any personal needs.

 Whatever conditions within reason that are necessary to provide you with an optimal experience of well-being will be supported out of respect to your bodily autonomy, personal sovereignty and your individual needs, all of which you are the best judge of so long as those needs are exercised with respect to another's ability to do the same for themselves. 

The information below is understood to be an 

 agreement between facilitator and client

By booking and/or receiving a session, through any means resulting in retaining my time in service to you, you agree with and agree to the conditions described below.  If you need clarification regarding anything written below or regarding your session time or policies associated with it please communicate that to resolution prior to your appointment. If you are in disagreement with anything written below, please refrain from patronage.

Thank you 

I understand and agree that:

i, the client/recipient/receiver, have been informed that the choices regarding my body are mine alone to make and that engaging in any close proximity person to person experience poses at all times an inherent risk of contracting illness. I assume this risk to my person as my own. any adverse condition, including illness that may manifest post treatment is not the responsibility of my facilitator. in choosing to receive a session I am aware that my patronage and anything connected to it, including conversations, are private and confidential. I understand that my facilitator will always act as an advocate for these protections and can only discuss my patronage with outside individuals or entities with my informed consent. I understand and agree that my facilitator represents themselves as a private wellness facilitator, claiming no affiliation with any entity. I understand and agree that scheduling a session is a choice i've made of my own volition and that my session is considered to be a private agreement between two individuals. in booking a session i am consenting to bodily contact between my facilitator and myself. opportunities for me to clarify the terms of my session agreement are afforded to me at all times prior to and during my session, additionally, it has been made clear to me that either I or my facilitator reserve the right to end the session at any point and for any reason.  my facilitator will always do their best to ensure my comfort, safety, and sense of well being but that it is my responsibility to communicate verbally about anything i feel i need to in order to ensure my own sense of comfort, safety, and well being. I understand that my facilitator is not a source of government or medically endorsed information nor representing themselves to be affiliated with or a member of any profession regarding immunology, virology, disease, nutrition, injury, sickness, mental, physical, body health/medicine or therapy.  Any conversation I have with my facilitator about  things within the domains of those professions is understood to be speculative and for the purposes of a social exchange and ease of communication about a variety of perspectives. These conversations are never to be construed as coming from an informed authority, or as a diagnosis, prescription, or medical advice of any kind. I understand that anything I choose to do with, put on, or put in my body, or make use of is solely my decision and not the responsibility of my facilitator. I understand and agree that by booking a session with my facilitator that i am accepting the above listed terms of this agreement. 

I have read and agree with the booking and cancelation policy. I have read and agree with the pricing structure including information pertaining to single sessions and to packages. I have communicated, or will communicate with my facilitator prior to my session if I have the potential of posing any risk to another's health or well being to the best of my knowledge, i.e.: autoimmune and/or contagious conditions, rashes or infections of any kind. I have communicated to or will communicate with my facilitator prior to receiving if I have had any surgical interventions of any kind and/or I have any medical conditions. This includes communicable illness, blood and/or viral pathologies, breaks, sprains, fusions, plates, screws, hernias, dislocations, joint replacement or surgical intervention, ligament or tendon tears, foot pathology or surgery including bunions and/or arthritis, organ surgery or removal, endocrine conditions, heart conditions, blood pressure/hypertension conditions, any spinal pathology including pain, medical diagnosis or concern, any bone pathology ( ie osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis etc), or any other concern  within the body that affects normal range of motion or pain free movement , mobility, or nervous system function, etc. 

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