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An Integrative Approach

The confluence of knowledge and intuition

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The integrative approach offered at Soulfire Somatics is a unique bodywork experience developed through thousands of hours in the study and practice of multiple healing traditions and techniques. This work is a fusion of self developed approaches and elements derived from myofascial release, myoskeletal alignment technique, deep tissue and sports massage, structural integration, resistance release work, energy work, and more.  

The work itself reenforces optimal neural pathways of the body to brain connection which provide neurological resets allowing for recovery from stress responses, sub conscious holding patterns, and muscle guarding. The method operates on the principals of vitalism, which in simple and modern terms are understood to be the immeasurable forces within each body that govern the organization of the whole. We are all more than the sum of our parts with life force being the coherent resonance that emerges from the complexity of our many systems. It is flowing through bone, joints, and muscle as much as it flows through mind, nerve, fascia, and spirit.

Approaching bodywork with a vitalistic understanding allows for a session that is both knowledge based and intuitive. The result is often an improved sense of well being mentally, emotionally and structurally. This involves the skilled remediation of pain and structural imbalance, discomfort and tension, protective limitation and stress, all while improving range of motion, overall movement and breathing. By seeking to balance the body many aspects of the human experience can be improved, whether its sore muscles or chronic pain, a headache, a low mood, a shift in reality, or support during times of change/transition/transformation or deep processing in support of your unique being, bodywork can help! 

This work has been helpful and supportive to people of all ages and all body types, restoring a balanced sense of embodiment, enhancing present moment awareness, and mitigating compensatory postural patterns. Sessions are delivered with a slow flow, deep and thorough approach that can have profound effects upon the client's felt sense of strength, energy, clarity, relaxation, positive state of mind, functional rejuvenation, and pain free movement no matter what injuries, conditions, or issues one may be dealing with. This is where the best aspects of clinical work and intuitive energy sensitive practices flow together resulting in a wellness experience that meets the recipient at multiple levels of their being. 

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