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Client Etiquette

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* Please refrain from wearing colognes, perfumes, body sprays, or synthetic fragrances to your appointment.  These types of scents can often be allergens and/or toxic to others.  Additionally, chemical scents tends to linger in the space long after you do. 


* Good hygiene and cleanliness are synonymous with good health and relaxation. Please arrive to your appointment clean. There is a difference between each person's natural scent or light body odor from a day at work for example (perfectly ok) and the scent of being unclean, meaning unwashed or soiled (not so ok). There are wet wipes and a waste basket for your convenience in the treatment space. Also, you may utilize the private restroom to take care of any hygiene concerns prior to your session. Please do make use of these accommodations as needed.


* Please do not apply body lotion or similar products before your session.  These may leave your skin feeling nice, but can make some practice approaches difficult or impossible.


* Please do not smoke cigarettes for at least an hour prior to your appointment (preferably longer).  The scent is strong and remains in the treatment space after you have left.

* Please do not come to your appointment intoxicated

* At no point in the session will your "private areas" be exposed either by you or your practitioner.  The law and professionalism dictate that draping is mandatory at all times.

* It is perfectly acceptable to be completely unclothed for your session. It is also perfectly acceptable to wear an undergarment. It is perfectly acceptable to receive with clothes on.  This choice is about YOUR preference and YOUR comfort.

* Please bring your own water or hydrating beverage with you to your appointment.

* If you are sick, think you may be sick, or getting over being sick, please do not come for a session. Coming into the treatment space while ill puts other clients , as well as the practitioner at risk of also becoming sick. 

* If you have a chronic health issue, autoimmune disease, have had any surgeries, are on any medication, have had joint replacements, fusions, screws, plates, etc..., or deal with or have dealt with ANY condition which may adversely effect your experience, leave you vulnerable to complications  or injury resulting from certain movements or positions, inhibits a natural range of anatomical movement anywhere in your body, have ever had spinal issues or joint issues of any kind or deal with anything that has the potential to compromise another person's health and wellness, please discuss it with your practitioner PRIOR to your session.


* If you have any questions, concerns, confusion, or have special considerations you'd prefer to keep as private as possible, or if you need clarification about anything at all pertaining to your session time please do not hesitate to discuss whatever it may be with your practitioner. Your comfort, sense of safety, privacy, and authenticity are of the utmost importance.

*  Emotional Release is ok at any time and never needs to be held back or apologized for.  This may take the form of spontaneous tears, crying, laughter, moaning, sighing, or even expressions of anger and frustration ( Grrrrrrrr, Rrrrraaaaaaw, etc), or even happiness and joy, or many other forms.  It is part of the integration process and important to allow. If you have any questions or would like to understand more about emotional release, just ask  

* Nothing your body does of its own accord is unacceptable.  All of us have blood, fluids, gasses, etc flowing through us.  The stimuli from session work and the neuro-muscular responses to it can create all sorts of reactions with the body.  The body's natural processes are quite alright.

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