Myoskeletal Balancing

A unique bodywork experience that is equal parts relaxing, restorative, and therapeutic.

Sessions are crafted through the blending of multiple hands on healing traditions and approaches, with techniques derived from classical osteopathy, advanced deep tissue massage , myofascial release, mat, structural integration, and more.  

Protocols are delivered with a slow flow approach to whole body balancing that can have profound effects upon the client's felt sense of strength, energy, relaxation, positive state of mind, functional rejuvenation, and pain free movement.

Customized to honor each client's specific intentions and needs, treatment moves beyond basic massage therapy and into whole person healing through the skilled remediation of pain, stress, and structural imbalance 

myoskeletal balancing reenforces optimal neural pathways of the body to brain connection, which provides neurological resets that allow for recovery from stress responses, sub concious holding patterns, and muscle guarding.  This work can often invite the healing effects of emotional release, along with relaxation, allowing for an  overall sense of well-being